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Vanished From Land, Recovered At Sea.

A number of strange and unexpected things have been recovered from the ocean, from Apollo 11’s engines to lost Greek cities. These artefacts never look the same way they did before their long slumber on the ocean floor. They become a home for sea life, and grow a new skin made of limpets, muscles, coral, and barnacles.


The forms that grow on these lost objects are like a parasite, completely taking over and changing the object itself until it is almost unrecognisable. I have designed a piece of jewellery based on rope that has been lost at sea, drifted to the sea bed, and started to grow new forms and become a part of the ocean.


This jewellery piece is meant to represent a lost relic that has been recovered from the ocean; the Swarovski crystals represent the sea life that has begun to grow on the rope. The beauty of the crystals celebrate the limpets and coral, as if they were a decoration rather than something that has ruined the rope. The pink crystals intertwine around the manrope knot at one end of the rope, and gradually fade to a dull silver (reversed crystals) along the other end of the top towards the eye splice knot.

Photoshoot in collaboration with BA Fashion, Communication and Promotion students, Central Saint Martins

Direction and photography : Avesta Laly and Ruby Cohen
Assistance : Saskia Rowlands and Pie Sutithon 
Editing: Avesta Laly
Model: Edgar Fulton 
With special thanks to James Barnett and Jade Heritage

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