A selection of illustrations of classic and contemporary jewellery using a combination of gouache paint, pen, and digital drawing.

Metamorphosis Locket
Metamorphosis Locket
Metamorphosis Locket
Blue Chaos Earrings
Reveal Earring
Coral Beaded Necklace
Golden Hearts
Pink Link Necklace
Floating Diamond Pearl Charm
Birds Of Paradise Earrings
Chunky Jewel Bracelet
Bejewelled Beetle Brooch
Impression Earrings
Diamond Bracelet
Tortoise Shell Earrings
Agate Slice Earrings
Chunky Charm Necklace
Elements Bracelet
Lapis Slice Earrings
Diamond Chain
Triple Ring Necklace
Extra Sensory Chain
Diamond And Onyx Ring
Surreal Coral Earrings
Peacock Shimmer Earrings
Feather And Moon Charms
Blue Moon Necklace
Hand Carved Agate Ring
Signet Ring
3D Jewel Cuff
Engraved Earrings
Floral Button
Statement Opal Ring
Neon Leaf Earrings
Twisted Hoops
Moon Crater Earrings
Diamond Transform Earring
Malachite Orb Earrings
Pink Modular Cuff
Twisted Bangle
Social Club Initial Ring
Fuchsia Earrings
Cascading Pearls Earrings
Blue Opal Earrings
Swamp Chain
Statement Gold Earrings
Bloom Earrings
Baroque Pearl Claw Ring
Pearl Button
Hyperfuture Ear Cuff
Pearls And Ribbon
Chunky Ring
Mini Mosaic Studs
Beaded Bracelet
Metallic Cuff

©2017 Georgina Hopkin


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