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Carved Mother of Pearl, 18ct white gold, diamonds, freshwater pearls

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Amy wanted a pair of elegant, floral, and romantic earrings to wear on her wedding day. After some digital sketches, Amy chose a cascade of flowers and vines, with a hanging pearl. The flowers and vines were hand carved out of wax to capture every bit of detail, and cast in luxurious 18ct white gold. The flowers are encrusted with twinkling white diamonds. The earrings can also be worn in multiple ways as each component can be taken apart. The carved Mother of Pearl flower with central diamond can be worn alone, the central stud can also be worn on its own. The main vines come apart from the Mother of Pearl flower and can be worn on simple ear hooks, or strung on a chain and worn as a pendant. 

If you would like a piece of bespoke jewellery made, or have heirloom jewellery you would like remodelling, please get in touch

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